When defining the daunting tasks a team faces conceptualizing game cinematics, Tom Price's storyboards are invaluable. Tom's experience streamlines production to clearly define the vision and feel of the team’s demands. Always respectful to the intention of the script, Tom provides a wealth of staging and narrative strategies for working out animatic sequences on paper. Instead of boring back and forth over-the-shoulder dialog shots, Tom gracefully storyboards brilliant composition of staging, editing, rhythm, and transitions into game play. While discovery time is limited in production, Tom is a resource for alternative solutions on the fly, in line with the style, and without affecting the schedule. He's clear, practical, and precise, has never missed a deadline, and is a pleasure to work with. Before your cinematic team wastes any time, energy, and money, add Tom's talent to your arsenal—you can't afford not to!

Ron Perry
Cinematic Producer

Tom is the best board artist I’ve ever worked with, and I’ve worked with plenty.  No matter what the project, Tom ‘gets’ it right away.  His draftsmanship is tight and on-model, his screen direction and staging are impeccable, and he plusses his panels with surprising and original gags.  I never have to ask Tom to take an action or expression farther; he understands the potential of the animated medium and pushes its limits.

Having Tom on a project gives me one less thing to worry about.  He’s low maintenance, fast, reliable, and a hell of a nice guy.  He will never disappoint and will always deliver.

Can't wait to work with you again, buddy!

Ken Pontac 

These recent reviews of my work sum up what I have strived to accomplish over the course of my career as a storyboard artist and what I bring to every project I work on.

My background, along with storyboarding, includes working as an art director, creative director, producer, director, writer, set designer and builder, concept artist, and educator.

I have worked with many clients on a broad variety of projects including animated TV shows, motion pictures, video game cinematics, corporate videos and TV commercials. Some highlights include:

Will Vinton Studios (now Laika)
Lead Storyboard Artist, “Gary and Mike” animated TV series. TV spots, concept development, character design.

Mondo Media
Lead Storyboard Artist, “Happy Tree Friends” animated TV series.

Surreal Software/Midway Games
Lead Storyboard Artist, “This is Vegas”

THQ/Sandblast Games
Lead Storyboard Artist, “Destroy All Humans – Path of Furon”

WXP, Inc.
Concept Artist, Storyboard Artist, “Scene It!”

Piranha Productions
Producer/Director, Writer, Storyboard Artist

Storyboard Artist, national and international projects

Digital Kitchen
Storyboard Artist, national projects

Digipen Institute of Technology
Professor, Animation Department